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Going out for vacations? Flexible Boarding Options for your pooch..
We provide our clients with a place where they can board their pets (dogs or cats) temporarily for a nominal fee. Pet Boarding of both Short term & Long term options of boarding services
Our Boarding Services Includes:

  • Ac/Non-Ac Hostelling
  • High Grade Kennel Cleanliness & Hygiene
  • Serving World’s Best Quality Pet Food
  • 24hrs Observation
  • RO Water
  • Plenty Of Exercise, Play And Socialization
  • Pet Friendly, Chemical Free Pool

Pet Grooming & SPA

Grooming of your pet not only ensures their hygienic care and cleaning of a dog but also enhances the pet’s physical appearance. We give all professional grooming services using pet friendly and breed suitable products for –

  • Hair Cutting/Trimming
  • Bathing
  • Medical Bathing
  • Flea Or Tick Treatment
  • Ear Cleaning And Nail Trimming
  • Trimming For Treatment Reasons
  • Bath For To Get Rid Of Ectoparasites

We DO NOT do matting (as animal lovers and behaviourist we know it is painful for the pet and Shivpal’s Kennel loves pet well-being, so we do not do it)

Basic &Advance Training


Dog training combines knowledge of animal behaviour with practical teaching skills to your pets. The training may vary from pet to pet.
Basic Dog Training includes simple basics commands following. Our trainers are qualified to provide advance training effectively to teach pets with their owner for basic obedience training.

Advance Obedience Training

It is one of the most important training for day to day life as it also makes it easy for you and your pet, both. It –

  • Includes all essential commands like – Sit, Down, Shake Hand, Stay, Heel, Re-call, etc..
  • Improves Your communication & understanding with your pet
  • Strengths bond between pet parents & their pooch
Guard/ Security Training

Main purpose of this training is to protect property that includes your home, farm, industrial structure or hotel from robberies or any other non social elements
Dogs are proven to be most trust worthy which is why they have always been used as most loyal & devoted protectors

  • Leave your worries to us while we train
  • Have peace of mind with your trained guard
  • Guard dog provides unique protection layer to its owner
Explosive Detection Training

Explosive Detection Dogs are trained to detect every perceivable explosive in the smallest amount of traces. They are –

  • Capable of clearing a car in 45 seconds
  • Fast and enthusiastic sniffers
  • Are ideal for Vehicle Check Points or Public Spaces like Malls
  • Very effective in searching large parking areas or office buildings
Narcotic Detection Training

We train the dogs for narcotic detection to detect small quantities of different narcotics
They are hidden –

  • On A Person
  • In Furniture
  • Bags & Objects
Security & Protection Dogs

Our team of dog and handlers can replace 4 to 6 security guards.
With their better eyesight and superior training the dog is more effective than a weapon.
The presence of a dog is a huge deterrent, making your site a tough place for anyone to plan a Theft/Attack.

Behavior Consultation

We provide various Behaviour Solutions pet parents face and give scientific solutions by finding the root cause. There may be many types of behavioural issues pet parents can be facing and we are more than happy to guide and provide solutions such cases.
Some of the common issues we help you solve are –

  • Dog on dog aggression
  • Resource aggression
  • Fear aggression
  • Separation Anxiety management
  • Chewing and chasing management
  • Barking management
  • Obsessive behaviour
  • Puppy Biting management

Veterinary &Health

Shivpal’s Kennel has been associated with group of veterinary doctors. We always work to provide best diagnosis and treatment for basic diseases or injury dressing for the pets.
Vaccination Facilities is also provided
Nutrition management to keep your pooch healthy and happy

Puppy Adoption Care Package

We also give our customer all that is required for new pet parents for basic caring of their pups:

  • Breed Suggestion by understanding family
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Do’s & Don’ts Guidance
  • Vaccination Assistance
  • Upcoming Training
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Our Services

– Hostelling & Boarding
– Pet Grooming & Spa
– Basic & Advanced Training
– Behaviour Consultancy
– Veterinary & Health
– Puppy Adoption Care Package

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